Librarian Recommended: The Swedish Girl

From Eileen Effrat

Author:  Alex Gray

Title:  The Swedish Girl

The tenth installment in the Detective Superintendent Lorimer series does not disappoint. A Swedish student is brutally murdered in a shared apartment and one of the male flat mates is accused and held without bail. Convinced that the guy is innocent, Kristy Wilson, another of the flat mates, sets out to convince Lorimer to re-evaluate the evidence and untangle a complex web of relationships surrounding the murdered girl. Gray’s mysteries, set in Glasgow, Scotland, gives readers  a genuine feel for the city and its inhabitants. If you enjoy Ian Rankin’s mysteries set in Edinburgh, why not give Glasgow a try?

The devil’s cave : a Bruno, chief of police novel

From  Eileen Effat

Author:  Martin Walker

Title:  The devil’s cave : a Bruno, chief of police novel

This is the fifth in a series featuring Bruno Courreges, the Chief of Police in a small French village in the Dordogne.  A naked dead woman is found floating down the River Vezere in a small boat with a large black candle and a decapitated cockerel.   Evidence of a Black Mass ritual?  As the investigation proceeds, the shady dealings of a local real estate firm indicate strong ties to the murder.  For a genuine flavor of the Dordogne—-cooking, agriculture, people, wine, lifestyle, economy, and history—- this is an enjoyable cozy mystery series.

The crypt thief : a Hugo Marston novel

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Mark Pryor
Title:  The crypt thief : a Hugo Marston novel
Hugo Marston, a former FBI profiler, is now working as head of security for the U.S. Embassy in Paris. A double murder occurs in the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in front of Jim  Morrison’s gravesite. These murders take on a life of their own when one of the victims is a U.S. Senator’s son and the other a suspected female terrorist.  To obscure the situation more,the crypt of Jane Avril,the famous 19th century Moulin Rouge  dancer,is broken into and parts of the skeleton stolen. Days later, the grave of another 19th century dancer is desecrated.  Are these crimes related? This is a fast paced police procedural with some surprising twists and turns.   I enjoyed the first Marston mystery,The Bookseller,just as much.  If you are looking for mysteries with Paris as the setting and some surprises, you might want to try  Pryor’s books.


From  Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Sarah Pinborough
Title:  Mayhem
Visions of blood! Opium induced dreams of doom! Nineteenth century London is gripped by fear, as Jack the Ripper and the Torso Killer are leaving mutilated corpses throughout the city. Scotland Yard and police surgeon, Dr. Thomas Bond, are hunting these elusive killers.  A mysterious Jesuit priest is also searching for the Torso Killer, but his theories about this monster are much darker and unnatural.  Definitely not for the squeamish, this macabre suspense will haunt you.

The hypnotist

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Lars Kepler
The hypnotist 
A family has been brutally murdered in a Stockholm suburb. The lone survivor is the teenage son who has sustained multiple stab wounds and is in a state of shock. With no clues to follow,  Detective  Joona Linna enlists the help of a retired hypnotist, Erik Bark. The hypnotism works, but unleashes an unforeseen chain of events. Written by a Swedish husband and wife team, this is an intense  and very disturbing novel that explores psychological and physical abuse, revenge and gang violence.

Secret of the White Rose

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Pintoff, Stefanie
 Secret of the White Rose
Anarchists? Blackmailers? Conspirators?  Who is killing judges?  And why are white roses, bibles and sheets of music left at the crime scenes?

Detective Simon Ziele and Criminologist Alistair Sinclair’s hunt for the killer takes them through the opulent world of high society and the poverty ridden streets of 1906 New York City.  It is a baffling case that has the public screaming for the blood of the anarchists, the media deciding guilt in their articles, and the commissioner pressuring his officers to find the suspects immediately.  Time is running out for Simon and Alistair. Will the truth be discovered or will the next victim hit closer to home?  Pintoff’s crime fighting duo are a perfect blend. Their differences in age, social class, and criminal investigation add dimension to the plot and make turn of the century New York come to life.  This is the third book in the series which includes “A Curtain Falls” and “In the Shadow of Gotham.”