House Rules

From Catherine Costanzo
author: Picoult, Jodi
House Rules
One of the newer Picoult books.  It involves a family including a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome who is accused of murder.  It’s a very quick read — keeps moving and keeps your interest.  Through the story you see the situation through the eyes of all members of the family and see how they react  — or don’t react — to different situations.  One of the better Picoult books in my

House Rules

From Gina Scaglione:

She’s done it again:)  Jodi Picoult has done it again:)  Yet another page-turner was recently released, entitled House Rules.  And as usual, although you think you’ve figured everything out prior to turning the final page, you have not.  Trust me, a must-read:)

Golden Reads review

From Susan Martin:

My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult 

Extraordinary story of the consequences of conceiving a child for the purpose of saving a sibling. Anna is the donor and her sister Kate is the recepient. For thirteen years, Anna has been subjected to various medical procedures in order to help Kate. Anna’s decisions have far-reaching effects for her entire family. Yes, the ending of this book is very different from the movie’s ending. Very heart-rending and realistic. There is some language and sexual scenes and inuendos that I felt could have been omitted without harming the excellent story.