The crypt thief : a Hugo Marston novel

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Mark Pryor
Title:  The crypt thief : a Hugo Marston novel
Hugo Marston, a former FBI profiler, is now working as head of security for the U.S. Embassy in Paris. A double murder occurs in the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in front of Jim  Morrison’s gravesite. These murders take on a life of their own when one of the victims is a U.S. Senator’s son and the other a suspected female terrorist.  To obscure the situation more,the crypt of Jane Avril,the famous 19th century Moulin Rouge  dancer,is broken into and parts of the skeleton stolen. Days later, the grave of another 19th century dancer is desecrated.  Are these crimes related? This is a fast paced police procedural with some surprising twists and turns.   I enjoyed the first Marston mystery,The Bookseller,just as much.  If you are looking for mysteries with Paris as the setting and some surprises, you might want to try  Pryor’s books.