Maximum Ride

From Minouche Philippi
author: Patterson, James
Maximum Ride
Maximum ride is a fast read. Its a fast read because it is fun, imaginative, and adventurous. It centers on a group of various children who all have certain genetic enhancements. One of these enhancements is the ability to fly. The children are from a place called “The Institute” and soon they leave this place only to find themselves lost in an unfamiliar world…OURS. Despite the odds, the crew sticks together, until the ERASERS find them. Erasers are other mutant type children from the same secret facility; only they all seem to turn into werewolves with
superhuman strength!

From the beginning, the book is a fun read. It’s told from the viewpoint of Max, the oldest of the children. In her early teens, it is her who must protect the others while somehow raising them, keeping them together, and keeping everyone as a unit. The Erasers are sent out to capture them, kill them, or do whatever it is they have orders to do. Patterson mixes a modern day world with a little pop-culture thrown in here and there for reminders with fantasy. The Erasers run the streets as humans but at any time can be descending upon the kids by Hummer or
Helicopter, armed with bare claws or assault rifles. The action scenes that consist of everything from car chases and helicoptor scouting to hand to hand combat is very well detailed. The most menacing of the ERASERS is Ari, who taunts Max and the others, partly because he has a connected past with them, which is further revealed later in the story.

Golden Reads review

From Robin McCracken:

Swimsuit, by James Patterson
James Paterson & Maxine Paetro keep you on the edge of you seat with this killing thriller with a sicko that has smooth control on all his victims, including an ex-cop/writer who he lures into writing his auto-biography.  The twist in the end is a surprise to all.