The firefly letters : a suffragette’s journey to Cuba

From Sarah Bielskas, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Engle, Margarita
 The firefly letters : a suffragette’s journey to Cuba
 In the book The Firefly Letters, three completely different girls meet in Cuba and go on a journey that will change their lives forever! As Cecilia is dealing with a new husband (who was chosen for her) and a baby on the way, the other girls have some problems of their own! Fredika wants to explore the country in hopes of inspiring herself to write, but along the way she wants to help free the slaves.

Elena is different from the other girls because she comes from a very rich and proper family, rather than a poor or slaved family.  Elena searches for freedom from being “locked up” by her mother and not being able to go outside to do the one thing the girls all have in common.  They all like to catch fireflies and set them free.

 I enjoyed  The Firefly Letters because I liked how the author wrote about the lives of three very different girls, and shared with us what was happening to them all at the same time. I would recommend this book because it was insightful and an interesting read.