A big Manhattan year : tales of competitive birding

From Jackie Cantwell
Author: David Barrett
Title: A big Manhattan year : tales of competitive birding
Most of us call the act of identifying birds in their natural environment “bird watching”. But the more serious refer to it as “birding”. And those who take birding very seriously sometimes compete with each other to have a “big year” or a “big day”, which is to spy the most birds in a given area in a certain amount of time. So the author, an Upper East Side Manhattan resident, attempted a Manhattan big year in 2012 after birding for only one year. He combined his love of training for competitive running races with his birding. Although there’s no prize awarded to the winner, one can see the totals on ebird.com. He details the preparation that goes into such a feat. First of all, one must buy a good pair of binoculars! One must study the physical appearances of many species and subspecies of birds, along with the bird calls they make, and how they look in flight. He partakes in guided birding walks through Central Park as well as consulting numerous websites, books, and signs up for text alerts of rare bird sightings. Migration patterns and Hurricane Sandy impacted his year greatly. His tone is conversational, and I learned about the different areas within Central Park, as well as Randall’s Island and northern Manhattan. He explains how technology such as the smartphone has aided birders tremendously. He says for the most part, birders are generous in wanting to share their knowledge and their finds. This is a truly unique glimpse into a world most of us never knew about. I dare you not to appreciate birds more after this read!

The Book Case

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Nelson De Mille
The Book Case
Otis Parker owns the Dead End Bookstore in Manhattan.  An employee finds him dead in his shop.  He was killed by a fallen bookcase.  Was it a bizarre accident or premeditated murder?  Detective John Corey must solve this puzzle, a clever locked room mystery, with an unusual choice for a murder weapon.  This exclusive Kindle eBook is available on our circulating Paperwhite Kindle.


Run For Your Life

From Gina Cortina
author: Patterson, james
Run For Your Life
In James Paterson style, chapters are short and sweet and make you
want to see what is going to happen next! In this psychological thriller Detective Mike Bennett is once again faced with trying to catch a killer. Just when you think you have figured out who the killer is, there is a twist in the story. This is a great beach side read!

Secret of the White Rose

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Pintoff, Stefanie
 Secret of the White Rose
Anarchists? Blackmailers? Conspirators?  Who is killing judges?  And why are white roses, bibles and sheets of music left at the crime scenes?

Detective Simon Ziele and Criminologist Alistair Sinclair’s hunt for the killer takes them through the opulent world of high society and the poverty ridden streets of 1906 New York City.  It is a baffling case that has the public screaming for the blood of the anarchists, the media deciding guilt in their articles, and the commissioner pressuring his officers to find the suspects immediately.  Time is running out for Simon and Alistair. Will the truth be discovered or will the next victim hit closer to home?  Pintoff’s crime fighting duo are a perfect blend. Their differences in age, social class, and criminal investigation add dimension to the plot and make turn of the century New York come to life.  This is the third book in the series which includes “A Curtain Falls” and “In the Shadow of Gotham.”

The Chosen

From Margie Hartough
author: Potak, Chaim
The Chosen
This book explores the friendship that develops between two Jewish boys in New York City during the Second World War. It weaves together their very different lives, Danny is a Hassidic Jew and Reuven is merely Orthodox.  An accident on the baseball field brings them together and eventually they begin a friendship. It grows deeper when both their fathers are drawn into each other’s worlds.  Potok includes numerous descriptions of Jewish tradition and customs, which is vital to the story as well as fascinating information.