Karma Bites

From Alexandra, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Kramer, Stacy
Karma Bites
Karma Bites was an awesome book. I couldn’t put it down. It was really interesting and it kept pulling me into the book. All girls would love this book. Franny’s best friends aren’t talking to her, her parents divorced and her grandmother has moved in. Franny then finds a magic box filled with recipes to fix all problems. But Franny learns that you can’t play with magic or karma and when messed with, it came come back unexpectedly to bite. Most girls have drama and can relate to this book in some way. I was able to relate to this book and many will. I
really enjoyed this book and I hope you will to.

She’s So Dead to Us

From Alex, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Scott, Kieran
She’s So Dead to Us
 The Book She’s So Dead To Us by Kieran Scott is an enjoyable book. In this book, Ally has moved back to her home town after having moved away since her dad had some money problems. So now, she has to leave her low-key, happy life and go back into the snake pit with Shannon Moore and Hammond Roos, or so she thinks. Right after Ally left, perfect and handsome Jake Graydon moved into Orchard Hill. So when Ally moves back and sees Jake, she develops a major crush on him. Its a really interesting book told from two perspectives and I really hope you guys like it.