Cape Light Novels

From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Cape Light Novels

Author:  Thomas Kinkade & Katherine Spencer

Each one of the Cape Light Novels is a Treasure. The storyline takes place in a town called Cape Light – you picture it looking like a true Thomas Kinkade painting. Each novel takes you through the life of certain town residents while you revisit with the old friends you met in previous books. You come to feel as you truly know the characters. I believe there are 12 books in total. I find myself sad that I only have one left to read. Reading them has become a part of my day I look forward to.

The Postmistress

From Judy Schroback
author: Blake, Susan
The Postmistress
The Postmistress is set in 1941 when our nation was not yet at war. Susan Blake takes us back there and uses a female journalist to capture the  horror that was overtaking Europe.  At the same time a small town near Cape Cod is having its own struggles dealing with the radio reports of this journalist ( a protge of Ed Murrow) and how it affects their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  It brings the realism of the war and the drastic steps many families (particularly Jews)  took to get themselves or at least their children to safer places.  It also focuses on the personal toll it took on the townsfolk who , each in their own way, wanted to do the right thing.  I highly recommend it.

Year of Wonders

From Segers, Rebecca
author: Brooks, Geraldine
Year of Wonders
 This novel is historical fiction set in a small village in England 1665-55 during the Plague.  It is based on the factual experience of an actual village that self-imposed a quarantine during that time so that they would not spread the disease to other communities.  It is beautifully written from the perspective of a young mining widow with two children who works for the village rector and his wife as a housekeeper.  Her connections to them, to her family and her friends are vividly portrayed as they all suffer losses seemingly too large to bear and yet somehow come through it all with a measure of hope.  The book was engaging and educational; I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.