Beneath the abbey wall

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  A.D. Scott
Title:  Beneath the abbey wall 
This is the third in Scott?s mystery series set in the Scottish Highlands during the 1950’s when rock ?n roll and television invaded homes.  Featuring the newspaper staff of the Highland Gazette, this latest sequel surrounds the murder of the newspaper’s business editor, Mrs. Smart.  This is unsettling enough for the staff, but things take a turn for the worst when the Deputy Editor is accused of the murder.  The staff unites to prove the police wrong and begin to uncover secrets deeply rooted in Smart’s past.  If you enjoy mysteries with a unique setting  and earlier time, this Tartan Noir series may be for you. A Small Death in the Glen is the first in the series.


From  Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Sarah Pinborough
Title:  Mayhem
Visions of blood! Opium induced dreams of doom! Nineteenth century London is gripped by fear, as Jack the Ripper and the Torso Killer are leaving mutilated corpses throughout the city. Scotland Yard and police surgeon, Dr. Thomas Bond, are hunting these elusive killers.  A mysterious Jesuit priest is also searching for the Torso Killer, but his theories about this monster are much darker and unnatural.  Definitely not for the squeamish, this macabre suspense will haunt you.

The corpse reader

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Antonio Garrido
Title:  The corpse reader
Just imagine, if you will, being gathered in a crowd of peasants, sickle in hand, waiting impatiently for the official to pronounce sentence. The official scans the crowd, looking for his witness, and finally spots him. The witness is indicating “Yes, this is the sickle that slew the peasant.” The official beckons forth the peasant holding the sickle and pointing to the witness, a fly, on his blade, pronounces sentence. When the peasant inquires as to how the official knew, the official points to the fly and his brethren. The fly would not sit on your blade without something to attract it and so even though you cleaned the blade, the fly knew there had been blood on the blade. Now imagine you are in China and this is really happening to you. The Corpse Reader by Antonio Garrido is a novel based on an actual Chinese personage, Ci Song.  Ci Song was the father of Chinese Forensic Sciences and the official who used a fly as a witness. The beginning of the novel was a little slow but soon enough it caught me in its web. From that moment on, I could not put the book aside. Ci Song experiences many moments of pain but is always moving forward. He exemplifies strength in the face of adversity and always attempts to honor his family ties.

The chocolate book bandit : a Chocoholic mystery

From  Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  JoAnna Carl
Title:  The chocolate book bandit : a Chocoholic mystery
I started a series backwards. I try not to do that, in general, but the title and the jacket intrigued me enough that I broke my rule. What book could entice me to do that? Well, the book is entitled The Chocolate Book Bandit: a Chocoholic mystery by JoAnna Carl and it centered around an accountant to a chocolatier. The accountant, Lee Woodyard, is offered an opportunity to sit on Warner Pier’s Library Board. She attends the Library Board meeting and, after the discovery of a body, becomes embroiled in the subsequent murder investigation. Lee Woodyard, the accountant, works for her aunt at TenHuis Chocolates, and she intrigued me enough that I am now reading the Chocoholic mysteries from the beginning and thoroughly enjoying them. Another interesting part of this series is the chocolate facts that the author includes in her Chocolate Chat pages within the novels. The backstory to Lee Woodyard is intriguing and I hope you, too, will enjoy your visit to Warner Pier and TenHuis Chocolates, hopefully, with a small selection of prime chocolate by your side.

Light in the Ruins

From Eileen Effrat
Author: Chris Bohjalian
Title: Light in the Ruins
Shifting in time between the German occupation of Italy (1943-1944) and the year 1955, this is an historical mystery that focuses on the Rosati family, a Tuscan family of noble lineage. The story begins in 1955 with the brutal murder of Francesca Rosati, daughter-in-law of the marchese. When the marchese meets a similar fate, it becomes clear someone bears a great deal of hatred for the family. Is this a vendetta for past or present deeds? I enjoyed this as much as Bohjalian’s earlier book, Skeleton’s at the Feast, that also explores events from World War II.

Blue Lightning

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Ann Cleeves
Blue Lightning
This is the fourth book in Cleeves’ crime series set in the Shetland Islands.  Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez returns to Fair Isle to introduce his fiancée to family and friends.  Shortly after their arrival,  the well  known director of the island’s bird observatory is found murdered. Within a day the cook is found dead.  As a storm rages across the island, no one can get on or off the island.  When forensic help finally arrives, it is of little help. This is a mystery where motive is crucial.  I would recommend beginning with the first in the series, Raven Black, followed by White Nights, and Red Bones.

The Book Case

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Nelson De Mille
The Book Case
Otis Parker owns the Dead End Bookstore in Manhattan.  An employee finds him dead in his shop.  He was killed by a fallen bookcase.  Was it a bizarre accident or premeditated murder?  Detective John Corey must solve this puzzle, a clever locked room mystery, with an unusual choice for a murder weapon.  This exclusive Kindle eBook is available on our circulating Paperwhite Kindle.