From Pat Wagner

Title:  AWAY

Author:  Amy Bloom

Lillian Leyb’s American story starts on July 3, 1924 on the New York’s Lower Eastside.  Her adventures take her across America as she pursues her daughter.  Excellent summer read

Blood harvest

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Bolton, S. J.
Blood harvest
Warning:  Do not read this book at night, might cause palpitations and the urge to hide.

The moors are a scary place, as Reverend Harry Laycock soon discovers after becoming pastor in the small isolated village of Heptonclough.  It is a community seeped in dark rituals and even darker secrets where young children disappear or have mysterious deadly accidents and the truth is never discovered.  When the Fletcher children, who are Harry’s neighbors and newcomers to the area, begin to be “haunted,” Harry investigates and strange incidences start to happen in the church.  Is someone playing cruel pranks or will one of the Fletcher children be the next victim?  A chilling mystery that will keep you guessing and shivering.