The First Phone Call From Heaven

From Lisa Lando

Title:  The First Phone Call From Heaven

Author:  Mitch Albom

This is about people in a small town who start to receive brief phone calls from one of there deceased family members. When the public gets hold of it, it splits the town into believers & people who want to debunk it.  I have mixed feelings about this story.  I liked the premise, but w/o giving to much away, I wish it would have stayed the course.

Glory invasion : walking under an open heaven

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Herzog, David
Glory invasion : walking under an open heaven
Can quantum physics and string theory support faith and miracles?  Read this mind-boggling book.  It will amaze you, excite you, and leave you with more questions than you had before reading it. This book is a powerful combination of testimony, the Word, theory and science. The author shows us that the unseen things that God used and uses to create are His presence and sound waves. Every created thing has sound waves and responds to sound waves spoken with the glory and Spirit of God.  If you first get into the glory zone of His presence and then speak forth what He shows or tells you, creation will respond to your word.  Glory Invasion is full of amazing stories of miracles, and gives great insight into how and why they occur, and how we can accelerate miraculous harvests.

The Unfinished Angel

From Donna Barnes
author: Creech, Sharon
The Unfinished Angel
There is an angel living in a tiny Alpine village where life is quiet and good-until an American girl named Zola arrives with her father to open up an international school for children.  Our “angel”  feels untrained and without a mission until Zola arrives.  Unlike everyone else, Zola can see the angel, because she has dealt with angels before.   When Zola discovers some homeless children who need help, Zola and the angel help each other, and help the villagers become a closer community in the process.
“The Unfinished Angel” will make you giggle and wonder if maybe you have been exposed to angels in your life and if they did indeed help you and maybe you even helped them.

Expecting miracles

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Baker, Heidi
Expecting miracles
A collection of entries by Heidi, Rolland and others highlighting the
revival in Mozambique where they minister, this book is full of true
stories of healing, provision, and even raising the dead. The authors’
passion for Jesus, and their compassion for the sick, lost and poor are
evident throughout. You will see God reaching those who many would write
off as unreachable. This book will make you jealous for a more dynamic,
authentic Christian lifestyle. You may or may not like the journal format,
but the content makes this a must-read.

The supernatural power of a transformed mind : access to a life of miracles

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Johnson, Bill
The supernatural power of a transformed mind : access to a life of miracles

If you are tired of reading and talking about a gospel of power, but not seeing it in action, this book is a must read. Miracles should be a normal part of Christianity. To return to the orginal mission, to do what Jesus did, we must radically change our thinking. We must renew our minds. Bill Johnson does a great job of showing us what happens when we allow God’s supernatural power to work through us, and also how we can bring this kingdom reality into our lives.