The Poisonwood Bible

From Caryn Eve Murray
author: Kingsolver, Barbara
The Poisonwood Bible
This tragic epic of a minister’s family, following the family patriarch somewhat reluctantly as he does God’s work in the Congo, is a gripping study of faith and folly. Perhaps the greatest strength of this book, beyond its rich, dramatic narrative, is the strength of its female characters: the minister’s wife, and each of his four daughters, all give voice to the pages, speaking in turn, telling their stories as the chapters (and concomitant tragedies) unfold. Set against the backdrop of real history unfolding in that part of the world (Congo’s independence and political strife), this book is as much a history lesson for the uninitiated as it is a study in personal strength, traditions and superstition and perhaps best of all, both the pitfalls and payoffs of sticking to one’s convictions against all odds.

Expecting miracles

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Baker, Heidi
Expecting miracles
A collection of entries by Heidi, Rolland and others highlighting the
revival in Mozambique where they minister, this book is full of true
stories of healing, provision, and even raising the dead. The authors’
passion for Jesus, and their compassion for the sick, lost and poor are
evident throughout. You will see God reaching those who many would write
off as unreachable. This book will make you jealous for a more dynamic,
authentic Christian lifestyle. You may or may not like the journal format,
but the content makes this a must-read.