The demon’s parchment : a Crispin Guest medieval noir

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Westerson, Jeri
 The demon’s parchment : a Crispin Guest medieval noir
Crispin Guest was a knight and a nobleman.  After being convicted of treason he lost everything.  Now he struggles to make a living as “The Tracker,” a man who will find anything or solve crimes for a price.  When approached by a Jewish physician to find stolen parchments, he reluctantly takes the job.  Are these parchments involved in the recent gruesome murders of young boys?  Were they used to bring forth a monster?  Who is behind this evil scheme?  This is based on the true events of a fifteenth century serial killer.  It is the third title in the series which includes “Veil of Lies” and “Serpent in the Thorns.” Can’t get enough of Crispin Guest?  Visit his blog at