Off Season

From Sandi Rosenthal

Title:  Off Season

Author:  Ann Rivers Siddons

This book is about Lilly’s life and her summers in Maine. The good part of the book is the beautiful descriptions of Maine, but I found most of the book very drawn out. I stayed with it, but was disappointed with the ending and found it confusing.  After finishing the book, I actually had to go back a few chapters to see if I understood what happened.

It is hard for me to explain further without ruining the story for anyone who is about to read it, so I will just say that overall, I found it disappointing.


Sweet Salt Air

From Margo Blatt
Title:  Sweet Salt Air
Author:  Barbara Delinsky
Did not want this book to end.  Hoping there is a sequel. You love the characters and the setting.  You want to visit “Quinn” and there.  I believe this was her best book yet.  More depth.  Highly recommend this book.  Great summer read.

Under the Dome

From  Donna Southard
Title:  Under the Dome
Author:  Stephen King
I read this book because I wanted to compare and contrast Stephen King’ s book to the TV (film) version that is based on the book.  In my opinion, the book was not worth the time that it took me to read the 1000+ pages. There is more contrasting material in the film version than is similar to the book.   I personally feel that the characters in the film version are more developed than in King’s book and I enjoyed the plot better in the film version than in the King’ s book.  I would not recommend this book as a fun read.


From Marie K. Schulken
author: Sullivan, J. Courtney
 This is the first book I have read by J. Courtney Sullivan and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The story evolves around multiple generations of an Irish family who summered at their cottage in Maine.  A definite cast of characters beginning with the Matriarch, Alice, who rules the roost.  A great beach read and a nice respite from my spy novels.

Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror

From Wesley, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Boylan, Jennifer Finney
Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror
This is the first book in the Falcon Quinn series and it is amazing. Anyone who read the Percy Jackson series and loved it, will also love this book. After the death of his dad and after his mother left him, the main character Falcon Quinn was left with his grandmother in the cold town of Cold River, Maine. As he waits for the bus to take him to school, he talks with his two friends Megan and Max. They soon find out that something is wrong when the bus driver passes by bus stops and takes them to a completely different school. There at their new school, for monsters, Falcon feels the same way as he felt at his old school. He doesn’t fit in. Soon he will find out why and what really happened to his parents, and who they really are. With two hearts and a choice between two lives, one as a monster and one as a monster destroyer, which side will he pick? Read the book to find out.

Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror is a book that will force you to keep reading it to find out more. It has fighting, love, betrayal, sorrow, friendship, and some unexpected turns of events. I would highly recommend this book to any of my friends. I loved the Percy Jackson series and I loved this book too. I couldn’t put this book down and I hope you will feel the same too, drawn to find out more by turning the page.