Love, Nina : a nanny writes home

From Catherine Given
Author:  Nina Stibbe
Title:  Love, Nina : a nanny writes home 
Love, Nina: A Nanny Writes Home is a fun book full of quirky British humor about a 20-year-old’s early 1980’s adventures as a nanny in London.  Nina’s story is told exclusively via letters she wrote to her sister, describing her adjustment to working for a single-Mom professor with two boys. Her deadpan play-by-play account of the boys’ obsessive over-examination of their lives is hilarious. Her pared-down, transcript style makes for a very intimate and quick energetic read.

Nina also recounts her everyday dealings and dinner conversations with literary luminaries including those of actor/director Alan Bennett. His wry and wittily avuncular interactions with Nina’s host family add extra spice to Nina’s musings.

Now You See Me


From Eileen Effrat
Author:  S. J.  Bolton
Now You See Me
I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Bolton’s three previous novels, but this latest surpasses all. A series of brutal murders are occurring in London—–strongly reminiscent of Jack the Ripper’s killings 100 years earlier. As the novel progresses it becomes apparent a “link” exists between these murders and Lacy Flint, a young detective on the Metropolitan Police Force. A series of interspersed chapters recount a brutal gang rape eleven years earlier of two sisters. Is Lacy one of those girls? Are these revenge killings? This is a cleverly plotted psychological thriller with some very surprising twists. Bolton’s extensive knowledge of British folklore, mythology, and history adds an additional dimension to the setting. I could not put this book down.