Crime and Murder

From Lynne Demestichas:

Long Lost, by Harlen Coben
A mystery told in a light-heated manner,this was a fun read.The plot moves from New England to Paris and back a few times,with a crazy cast of characters.A missing husband never returns to his wife Terese. Her daughter is gone also. Looking for the both of them is Terese’s love from many years back. How and why was he summoned to search two countries for these people he doesn’t even know? Or does he,and does he find them without getting into his own perilous situation? Used to reading heavy duty, serious mystery,this was a nice change.I might even read some more by this author! I even laughed a little bit which is something one normally doesn’t do when reading tales of crime and murder.

Flesh and Bone, by Jefferson Bass
Dr. Bill Brockton,forensic anthropologist,recreates a grisly murder,and his life becomes even more bizarre trying to solve it.In trying to unearth every piece of evidence, he finds himself incriminated by some over zealous detectives and has much bigger problems than the murder itself. Along with his old flame, Dr.Jess Stone,and Mirana Lovelady, his assistant at the Body Farm, Brockton suffers loss and despair,as the investigation takes many distarous turns. His unethical lawyer tries to help plea his innocence but seems to be making matters worse,so see what happens in this murder/trial/lovestory. Like CSI in a book.