Little pink house : a true story of defiance and courage

From Jackie Cantwell
author: Benedict, Jeff
Little pink house : a true story of defiance and courage

Chronicles events leading up to the 2005 U.S. Supreme court decision Kelo
v. New London, CT. Susette Kelo and her Fort Trumbull neighbors sued after eminent domain was used by New London to pave the way for Pfizer
Pharmaceuticals R&D facility. They didn’t just want abandoned property;
they wanted the entire peninsula. This is when Pfizer got FDA approval for
Viagra, so they were expecting a windfall of cash. There’s no shortage of
villains: a college president, lawyers for the city, the New London
Development Corporation, Pfizer executives, the governor, and several
judges. Historically, eminent domain was used by governments to take
property from private citizens, if it helped the public good, such as to
construct roadways. In this case, it was used to take private property
from individuals and give it to a corporation because the second owner
could generate more revenue.  You will be outraged and you’ll cheer on the
plaintiffs. Hopefully you’ll also be galvanized to fight for state
legislation to limit the powers of eminent domain. It is as engrossing as
any suspense novel.