Sharp Objects

From Suzanne Boglioli
Title:  Sharp Objects
Author:  Gillian Flynn
Sharp Objects is an exciting and fast-paced murder mystery.  Camille Preaker is a Chicago journalist sent to her hometown in rural Missouri to cover the murders of two young girls.  She befriends the lead investigator, and together they solve the mystery.  I read Gillian Flynn’s other popular books- Gone Girl and Dark Places, which were both excellent.  However, I liked Sharp Objects the best, and I’m looking forward to her next published work.

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

From Margaret Mezzacapo
Author: Anna Quindlen
Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake
Here’s a collection of vignettes dealing with various aspects of everyday life as experienced by Ms. Quindlen. If you enjoy reading people’s blogs, you’ll like this book.


Zelda, the Queen of Paris : the true story of the luckiest dog in the world

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Paul Chutkow
Zelda, the Queen of Paris : the true story of the luckiest dog in the world 
If you enjoy the companionship of a four-footed friend, this book will really appeal to you and reinforce the love and camaraderie you feel with your pet. Zelda, the Queen of Paris : the true story of the luckiest dog in the world  is a true animal lover’s tale. Zelda is a dog on the streets of India who knows she doesn’t want to stay on the streets of India. She befriends an Indian maid, who works for a journalist and his wife. With her gentle eyes and endearing nature, she is eventually welcomed wholeheartedly into the household. She becomes a friend to everyone in the journalist’s circle and when he is reassigned to Paris, she is granted a visa too. She adopts the mannerisms of the French regarding food and while the Parisians in her immediate vicinity at first despise her, when she rescues their wine collection, they heap praise upon her furry head. Her final journey is to California and there she predicts an earthquake. She is a proven companion to the journalist’s sons until the end of her life and demonstrates all the best qualities of a companion animal, loyalty and love.