The Pretty One

From Teen Book Reviewer Loudmilla
author: Klam, Cheryl
The Pretty OneĀ 
Cheryl Klam’s The Pretty One told the story of two siblings’ rivalries. Lucy Fletcher was always the prettiest girl at school who always won over all the guys and to top it off, always got the lead in their school plays. Her younger sister, Megan, always wanted to be like her older sister. Megan thought of herself as ugly and fat, which is why (in her mind) no one ever talked about her and no guys ever liked her. When a terrible accident leads Megan to get plastic surgery, her world just had a 180 flip. Now, boys are suddenly all over her and everyone knows her as
much as they know her sister. After Megan gets her surgery, she gets the lead in her dream guy’s play, taking her sister’s spotlight. Megan feels as if now, nothing can ever bring her down because she’s just as good as her sister. But, when a new face leads to jealousy between the two, their fight just begins.

The Pretty One was a very good book. I would recommend others to read this. It holds a very important message within that I feel should be shared with the world. At first, it didn’t seem as if the book was actually going to be very good, but in the end, it really was worth it. I hope others enjoy this book as much as I did.