Your Inner Fish

From Alexus  Haddad

Title:  Your Inner Fish

 Author:  Neil Shubin

 An archeologist and his team try to find the evolution time animal that can both survive in land and water. They look for the animal with the bones that are capable of surviving these conditions. They end up finally finding the animal and this leads to a grand discovery to help solve evolution mysteries.

The Brain, human and otherwise

I’m in the middle of  Human: the science behind what makes us unique, by Michael Gazzaniga.  What I like most about it are the insights into how the things we think are so human are really just reflexes that have evolved from our chimp ancestors.  Right now he’s discussing morality.  There’s more later, but so far it’s all chemistry and biology.  When I couple these ideas with my work of weeding the religion collection at the library it makes an interesting contrast in my (human) mind.  Lots to think about, and I can’t wait to get deeper into the book.