Dying to know : a Gumshoe Ghost mystery

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author: T.J. O’Connor
Title: Dying to know : a Gumshoe Ghost mystery
Do you ever wonder if you will come back if something is left unresolved in your life on Earth? Well, in Dying to Know : a Gumshoe Ghost Mystery by TJ O’Connor, the protagonist, a detective, is murdered. His motto is a play on “Physician, heal thyself” and is actually “Detective, solve thyself.” Detective Oliver Tucker, who hates his name but loves his wife and dog, is on the trail of the person who snuffed him but must first learn to master the rules of being a ghost. He cannot travel the same way anymore but must mentally focus on where he wants to be and transport himself mentally. His energy is collected from electrical sources such as light bulbs and cell phones. Too much energy use and he is incapacitated. His longtime detective partner does not believe in ghosts and so ignores, for the most part, Tuck’s communications and warnings. Tuck’s wife is more accepting of Tuck as a ghost, and so, she aides her ghostly husband in the search for the truth. I enjoyed this title immensely and cannot wait for the sequel(s).

Haunted Teachers: True Ghost Stories

From Gina Scaglione
author: Zullo, Allan
Haunted Teachers: True Ghost Stories
The adventures continued with haunted teacher stories.  These ones seemed a bit more frightening than the last set I wrote about.  I definitely think that these ones need to be for the tween set, rather than the younger crowd.  I actually spooked myself with one of these stories:)  Enjoy.

Haunted Campers: True Ghost Stories

From Gina Scaglione
author: Zullo, Allan
 Haunted Campers: True Ghost Stories
 This book is a young adult novel.  I was reading it in order to be able to tell my children some really good ghost stories when we are camping.  My children are only six and seven, yet they actually really liked the book.  At first I was reading it and then retelling them the stories.  By the end, they wanted to hear the stories exactly as they were written.  The vocabulary was obviously not easy for them, but the stories are very descriptive, so the children loved them.  I highly recommend this series of books for a light read, especially if you are camping with your family this summer.  Enjoy, and happy trails:)

Picture the Dead

Alicia, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Griffin, Adele
Picture the Dead
I read the book Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin.  This book was about a girl named Jenny who was engaged to a rich man named William Pritchett.  When Will gets killed somehow in the war, Jenny becomes very upset, and so do Will’s parents, whom she is living with at the time.  Mr. Pritchett then says he wants to go see a medium. After they went to the medium, Jenny began to see signs, as if Will was trying to reach her.  Jenny then ended up falling in love with Will’s brother, but when she uncovers the truth about him, things come to a very bad ending.  I would recommend this book to anyone in 7th, 8th or 9th grade.  It can get a little creepy, so it should be meant for people who won’t be bothered by that.  This book was a little too predictable, but it was good all the same.


From Rosemarie Jerome
Shutter [videorecording]
 This is one creepy, scary movie.  I watched the original Thai movie which was made in 2004 and one of the U.S. remakes  from 2008. The Thai  version is much darker but they are both edge of your seat psychological thrillers similar to “The Grudge.”
A young couple is driving down a dark, disserted road and they hit a young woman. In shock and confusion, they drive away instead of stopping  and so begins the guilt and fear.  Shortly after the accident, the young man, who is a professional photographer, begins to notice strange visions  through his camera lens and white streaks across his photos.  The couple also begins to feel a presence in his apartment and bizarre things begin  to happen.  As they start investigating the weirdness intensifies and shocking secrets immerge.  Don’t want to give away too much but it is a film  that will keep you up at night, it is hard to forget and like “Psycho” it will have you peeking into dark places.

Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice, Book 1)

From Erik Schmid
author: Delaney, Joseph
Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice, Book 1)
Imagine you are a young boy who was indentured to the local “Spook” as an apprentice. A Spook is a lonely, dangerous job, shunned by most, and it deals with opposing evil supernatural forces that threaten the land. Would you be happy to do this? Thought not. Thomas Ward is the boy in this tale, the seventh son of a seventh son, who is apprenticed to the local spook in order to learn how one captures, contains and banishes witches, boggarts, ghosts, ghouls and other malevolent creatures of the dark. This is book one of an ongoing series that really grabs the faithful reader. The horror is dark, but there is nothing in this book that crosses into the terrifying, so children can read this without trepidation. If your kids read Goosebumps, this might actually seem tame at times! All in all, a truly gripping book, that leaves the reader running for the next installment.