Flight from Berlin : a novel

From  Eileen Effrat
Author:  David John
Title:  Flight from Berlin : a novel
Set during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, this suspense thriller pits the Gestapo and the British Secret Intelligence Service against one another in the quest for a secret dossier that could destroy the Nazi leadership. A British journalist, outspoken in his criticism of Hitler, and a former Olympian join forces in this atmospheric and fast paced thriller. If you are a fan of Alan Furst, Daniel Silva, Philip Kerr, or David Downing, give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

The One From The Other, A Quiet Flame, If The Dead Rise Not

From Lynne Demestichas
author: Kerr , Philip
The One From The Other, A Quiet Flame, If The Dead Rise Not
I always found books about Pre-War Germany to be less than fascinating and to be fraught with drama. My dad recommended a few books to me by Philip Kerr,calling him a beautiful writer, a real story teller. And yes,the main character, detective Bernie Gunther, turned out to be quite a colorful gumshoe.From Berlin to Potsdam to Buenos Aires, Gunther is always hired to find someone,whether he (or she) be a Nazi criminal on the run, or a post war Jew looking for missing family.It’s kind of easy for him as he spent his early years as an SS, an SA, a Berlin policeman and a life-long detective.Let’s just say he has plenty of connections!Trouble follows him everywhere and in each of these books, there are fascinating de-“tales” and facts about pre-war and post war Germany, with appalling truths and outrageous descriptions.I wanted to read every book in the Gunther series as I,too,followed  his investigative footsteps with interest and curiousity.Still reading some of  his others with enjoyment.