The Best of Me

From Terry DelBalso
Title:  The Best of Me
Author:  Nicholas Sparks
This book tells the story of how true love can span a lifetime and beyond. Two high school kids from the opposite side of the tracks fall in love. Life’s paths take them seperate ways. But destiny brings them back together. They both ended up different than planned. The one thing unchanged is their love. As adults they have to honor other obligations. True love though goes beyond the physical union and destiny unites the hearts in unexpected ways.

Mortuary Confidential: Undertakers Spill the Dirt

From Jackie Cantwell
author: McKenzie, Kenneth and Harra, Todd
Mortuary Confidential: Undertakers Spill the Dirt
A compilation of true stories by morticians and funeral directors across
the U.S.  Each chapter’s author is identified by a hobby or interest he
pursues outside his career.  There are 5 sections: “First calls and
removals”, where the worker is informed there’s a body that needs to be
picked up from a nursing home, a private home, etc.  A memorable chapter
is “Roadblock” about a man new to the business, who loves snowy winters,
until he has to do a removal by himself and accidentally drops the body.
The section “Where art meets science” has an anecdote called “The glass
eye and other expectations” which gives a sense of how difficult the
profession can be when survivors don’t give enough information.  By far,
the most moving chapter is “Lesson: never go to bed angry” in “Family
matters”, where a young woman learns one of life’s most important lessons
too late. Reading it could change your life.  “The killer customer”,
features a remorseful biker named Snake whose mother has died.  “Wake
combat” in “Wakes, funerals and burials” tells the almost-unbelievable
tale of two brothers brawling at their father’s wake. And in the “In our
private lives” section, “The tapestry of life” tells the sorrowful tale of
a funeral director who had to bury two of his friends.  The book is funny,
sad, and evocative.