Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

From  Sandi Rosenthal

Title:  Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

Author:  Ayelet Waldman

Through 90 percent of the book I hated the main character. She is spoiled, careless and self-involved. She had an affair with a married man who had a young son; he left his wife and married her. Then she proceeded to treat his 5 year old son, her step son, with such carelessness and unconcern that I almost put the book down. At the end of the book, she has a realization that turns her around.  

friendship bread

From Esther Moy
author: gee, darian
 friendship bread
 This was a heartwarming book about relationships and everyday situations encountered by a small town.  It was well written with many characters that one can identify with.  I enjoyed this book and look forward to a sequel.