Your Inner Fish

From Alexus  Haddad

Title:  Your Inner Fish

 Author:  Neil Shubin

 An archeologist and his team try to find the evolution time animal that can both survive in land and water. They look for the animal with the bones that are capable of surviving these conditions. They end up finally finding the animal and this leads to a grand discovery to help solve evolution mysteries.

The Greatest Show on Earth

From Christian Fogarazzo
author: Dawkins, Richard
The Greatest Show on Earth
The Greatest Show on Earth, by Richard Dawkins, is one of many written by him about the Theory of Evolution.  Dawkins is a strong advocate for Darwin’s Theory and he offers an enormous amount of scientific evidence to support the theory.  Dawkins is an exceptional writer who is capable of explaining difficult scientific concepts to the average layperson.  He clearly identifies and clarifies common misconceptions about evolution.  His mastery of the multiple disciplines of science is also truly amazing.  His frustration with individuals who disagree with his position is palpable and is regularly demonstrated with his sarcastic and at times, condescending tone.  This book is not a quick read, but if you are interested in this topic and wish to learn more about evolution, I suggest reading this well written book.

Thank God for Evolution

From Gina Scaglione:

I stayed up late last night again to read Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd. I highly recommend this book to anyone contemplating religion in any way. From the doubters to the highly religious, this book has something for everyone. It actually helped me to realize where I belong, which I had pretty much given up on prior to reading the book. Thank God for Michael Dowd:)