Deep Down: A Jack Reacher Story

From  Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Lee Child
Deep Down: A Jack Reacher Story
There are four political liaison officers; one of them is a traitor. Reacher goes undercover to discover who the mole is and who she is working for. The short story format never gives the reader a chance to get to know the characters or to get involved with the plot. The resolve came about too quickly. I wish the story was longer because the premise was interesting and I liked Reacher. This exclusive Kindle eBook is available on our circulating Paperwhite Kindle.

Portrait Of A Spy

From Marie K. Schulken
author: Silva, Daniel
Portrait Of A Spy
 I thoroughly enjoy all of Daniel Silva’s books and this one is no exception.  Gabriel Allon is a truly fascinating character and his adventures tie in with current events.  Would definitely recommend earlier books of Daniel Silva as well.

A Small Masterpiece

From Elaine Pasquali
author: Heald,  Tim
A Small Masterpiece
Although the plot includes espionage, long over-looked college “peccadillos” (undergraduate cheating, child prostitution), and murder, the story is slow moving.  In addition, because they are usually not explained, British expressions and slang often must be understood in their contexts.  I would not seek out another novel by this author.