From Rosemarie Jerome
Shutter [videorecording]
 This is one creepy, scary movie.  I watched the original Thai movie which was made in 2004 and one of the U.S. remakes  from 2008. The Thai  version is much darker but they are both edge of your seat psychological thrillers similar to “The Grudge.”
A young couple is driving down a dark, disserted road and they hit a young woman. In shock and confusion, they drive away instead of stopping  and so begins the guilt and fear.  Shortly after the accident, the young man, who is a professional photographer, begins to notice strange visions  through his camera lens and white streaks across his photos.  The couple also begins to feel a presence in his apartment and bizarre things begin  to happen.  As they start investigating the weirdness intensifies and shocking secrets immerge.  Don’t want to give away too much but it is a film  that will keep you up at night, it is hard to forget and like “Psycho” it will have you peeking into dark places.


From Chris Garland
titl: Millions [videorecording]
Millions is an uplifting tale about a nine year old boy whose mother has died and is moving with his father and brother to a new home and a new school. Damian is fascinated by the saints, who inspire him to do good deeds.

One day, the heavens provide him with an endless supply of money, which leads him on a complex adventure on which he will learn what money means to different people and what is really important in life.

Alex Etlel turns in a memorable performance as young Damien under the direction of Academy Award winning Danny Boyle.

Harp dreams : inside the USA international harp competition

From Edna Susman
Harp dreams : inside the USA international harp competition.
Most classical music buffs are aware of the major international music competitions. There’s the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in the USA, the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Russia and the Paganini International Competition in Genoa among many others. How many of us have heard of the USA International Harp Competition? PBS has issued a DVD of the film HARP DREAMS, produced by WTIU Bloomington, Indiana. It is a treasure! The film tells the story of 31 of the best young harpists in the world who converge at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, for the USA International Harp Competition, for 15 days. This takes place every three years and was founded in 1989 by renowned harpist and teacher, Susann McDonald. The competitors, between the ages of 16 and 32, come from all over the world. The prizes include thousands of dollars in prizes, a lucrative recording contract AND a one-of-a-kind, hand-made, Lyon and Healy concert harp. You get to know quite a few of the young harpists personally during the 90 minute film and learn how they prepare for over 2 years for this prestigious competition.

The Children of the Stones (7 part miniseries)

From Erik Schmid 
The Children of the Stones (7 part miniseries)
If you can get past the hokey 1970’s special effects this childrens’ drama has much to offer in terms of thrills and plot development. This was one of a few foreign children’s series that were shown on Nickelodeon back in its infancy in 1983 on a show called ‘The Third Eye’. All the shows dealt with children that had E.S.P. or had “visions”. This series deals with a father and son that are invited to do research on a small English town that has a circle strange stones surrounding it, much like Stonehenge.  Upon meeting and investigating the townsfolk, they begin to realize that there is something not right with the town. With slowly building tension and a truly strange soundtrack, ‘Children of the Stones’ can be enjoyed by fans of Goosebumps and other childrens’ horror.