Klonopin Lunch: a Memoir

From  Jackie Cantwell
Author:  Jessica Dorfman Jones
Klonopin Lunch: a Memoir
What happens when a married lawyer with a hum-drum life gets a taste of Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll? Read this well-crafted memoir to find out. Jessica, a product of New York’s Upper East Side, always played by the rules, which included excelling at the finest schools and marrying her college boyfriend. Enter a handsome guitar teacher, and at the age of thirty, she forgets the life she knew. Their flirtation becomes a full-blown affair, and she starts to take illegal drugs, gets tattooed, and fancies herself a rock star. She writes songs with the guitar teacher’s pal, becomes the lead singer of a fledgling rock band, and stays out ‘til all hours of the night, thus testing the limits of her husband’s understanding and support. This tale of sexual obsession and codependency is painfully honest. She often doesn’t come across as very likeable or sympathetic. Yes, she’s selfish, and yes, she ought to know better. There are very funny sections, including the lunch with her gay pal, where the book gets its title. It could be said that New York City is another character in the book; the evocative descriptions of Manhattan are such that you can almost smell the spilled beer and cigarette smoke in the clubs. There are graphic depictions of sexual activity and drug use, so this book is not for the squeamish or the prudish.

Nicholas Dane

From Divya Teen Book Reviewer 
Author:   Melvin  Burgess
Nicholas Dane 
 Nicholas Dane by Melvin Burgess is a book about fourteen-year-old Nicholas Dane, who seems like your typical popular boy (good looks, leader,etc.), getting everything whisked away from him when his mother dies after a heroin overdose. Nicholas goes to live with Jenny, his mother’s best friend but he is eventually relocated to Meadow Hill Assessment Center after he gets into a fight at school. This isn’t just any boarding school, it’s one for boys with violence issues and he soon realizes that after a couple of fights. There he befriends a boy named Oliver and both of them have to face the inhumane wrath of the home’s deputy head, Tony Creal. Read this book to find out if the boys get out alive and sane! I would give this book eight out of ten stars (ten being the highest) because it is very interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, this story takes place in Britain, so there are many English terms that you may not be familiar with!

By nightfall

From Michele Lauer-Bader
author: Cunningham, Michael
By nightfall
By Nightfall takes place in NYC’s Soho. The all-right comfortable marriage of Peter and Rebecca Harris reaches a crisis when Rebecca’s much-younger brother Mizzy (Ethan) comes for a brief stay. Mizzy has a continuing drug problem and a “what will I do with my life” decision to make. When he comes to NYC to perhaps start over, Peter finds himself infatuated with his brother-in-law. The story moves along at a slow even pace until the end when Mizzy’s motives are revealed and Peter and Rebecca make a decision about their marriage.