Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis

From Frank DelBalso
Title: Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis
Author: Pamela A. Popper Ph.D N.D.
This books covers a variety of healthcare topics but mostly it focuses on how healthy eating can reduce our reliance on traditional healthcare. Having trouble having a baby? Find out the diet that can help you and save you thousands versus in vitro fertilization. Find out about some drugs that do more harm than good. Find out how politics and trade groups tied to the food industry are blocking a path the a healthier America. Find out how the USDA promotes an unhealthy America. Very interesting and easy to read.

400 Calorie fix

From Geri Sundermier
author: Vaccariello, Liz
 400 Calorie fix
This book has great weight loss tips and amazing recipes.  It’s written by the coauthor of the Flat Belly Diet, but with an entirely different format. The recipes have color pictures that make it easier to follow.

Fit to a tee : the ultimate endurance, strength & flexibility system for golfers of every ability

From Elaine Conner
author: Jackowski, Edward
Fit to a tee : the ultimate endurance, strength & flexibility system for golfers of every ability
Need to get in shape for golf? Want to improve your game? By following the simple and clearly illustrated instructions in this book you can make significant gains in distance and help to lower your golf score. The book has a DVD included in which the author instructs a male and a female, both golf pros, through the exercises to strengthen each of the muscle groups.  The video makes it clear how the exercises should be performed correctly and which muscle groups the exercise will help.  I found this a great inspiration for getting into shape and continuing to exercise for flexibility, weight loss, and endurance.   A final chapter also gives healthy eating tips for golfers.