From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Loverboy

Author:  R.G. Belsky

A real thriller featuring a female reporter with a mess of a life trying to survive after numerous failed marriages, an alcohol addiction and the main character of all of her front-page stories trying to kill her. She faces ups and downs, twists and turns, a number of near-death experiences and more, all while trying to find peace within herself and a better life without the pain she’s felt for more than a decade from guilt and regrets.

The God of Hive

Fron Tony Chan
author: King, Laurie R.
 The God of Hive
The God of Hive is a continuation of the Language of Bees. Ms. King does a great job in putting the reader into story with her well chosen words. The majority of the story is surrounded with the death of Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother and eventually discovered that he is part of the British intelligence. The only wish I have is that she would developed the villian character a bit more.