Tales from the Tarmac

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Claudia Helena Oxee
Tales from the Tarmac
Tales from the Tarmac by Claudia Helena Oxee was, for me, a tad reminiscent of Plane Insanity by Elliott Hester. Both books talked about the behind the scenes activity in airports and aboard the aircraft. Tales from the Tarmac included anecdotal stories from a multitude whereas Plane Insanity was straight from a flight attendant’s viewpoint. There were two stories which I found particularly outrageous and both dealt with defenseless individuals. One was a mentally deficient woman who was ticketed with another adult, placed onboard an aircraft and told she was going to Disney. She was subsequently abandoned by her care-giver. The flight staff attempted to render assistance but sometime during the night, the woman vanished. The other involved an older, non-English speaking disabled passenger. Instead of being wheel chaired directly to the appropriate gate for his connecting flight, he was left in a corner and subsequently missed his connection. The author proved to be a heroine in this case by ensuring his safe arrival at a new gate with a new ticket. Both of them were quite interesting reads but I think I will stay grounded a little while longer.

Plane insanity : a flight attendant’s tales of sex, rage and queasiness at 30,000 feet

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Hester, Elliot
Plane insanity : a flight attendant’s tales of sex, rage and queasiness at 30,000 feet 
Plane insanity : a flight attendant’s tales of sex, rage, and queasiness
at 30,000 feet by Elliott Hester is a doozy of an adventure through the
unfriendly skies.  In the book, the flight attendant suggests his own
theory of a connection between dressing well and manners.  He expostulates that with the lessening of clothing savoir faire comes also the lessening of the rules of common courtesy.  His adventures are interesting and entertaining but also a little off-putting, I mean, imagine a dirty diaper
flying at you because you were doing food service and refused to take it
from the passenger.  The parties and/or orgies being hosted not only after
the plane arrives at its destination but during the flight are almost
beyond belief.  Virgin Atlantic, at the time of the writing of this
memoir, was thinking of supplying fold-out beds with privacy screens and
one can just imagine what kind of shenanigans that might invite.  Overall,
an amusing, shocking, and eye-opening read.