Gone to Green

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Christie, Judy
Gone to Green
Lois Barker is an editor for a city newspaper in the Midwest.  She inherits a newspaper in rural Louisiana.  She moves down there hoping to turn the paper around and then sell it so she can return to her corporate lifestyle. She meets an interesting assortment of people, making new friends and enemies as she fights corruption and prejudice, and works to revitalize both the paper and the town.  In the end she must make the choice between her old lifestyle and her new one. Although the plot was somewhat predictable, it was an interesting book that gave me a glimpse into small town life in the south.  I plan on reading the sequel.

Three Stations

From Eileen Effrat
author: Smith, Martin Cruz
 Three Stations
Arkady Renko, Moscow’s homicide investigator extraordinaire, is still on the job after 30 years.  Politically and socially things have not changed much in those thirty years.  Putin’s “New Russia” is just as corrupt  as Renko’s  first police investigation in Gorky Park.  Only the bureaucrats names have changed.  In the series 7th book, a baby is abducted and a dead prostitute is found at Three Stations.  Or is she a prostitute? Renko suspects the two crimes are related. As he probes the world of Moscow’s rich and famous and its underworld of drug dealers, thugs, and homeless street urchins, he uncovers a sophisticated web of death and kidnapping.

As always, Smith ‘s dark sense of humor adds a touch to this suspense thriller.

The city of falling angels

From Eileen Effrat
author: Berendt, John
The city of falling angels
Berendt, bestselling author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,
leaves Savannah, Georgia  behind with its scandals, secrets and hilarious
eccentrics, and  now travels to Venice, Italy.  Days before his arrival,
Venice’s historic Fenice Opera House goes up  in flames.  Is it arson?
The subsequent investigation provides the background  as he delves into
the people, politics, and city lore that  the average tourist  never
encounters.  With a keen eye for detail and his ability to ingratiate
himself  into the upper echelons of Venetian society, he uncovers unsavory
tales of greed , hate, and corruption.  Armchair travelers and those who
love Venice, will enjoy this book for its setting, as well as some very
memorable   characters.