Fit for a king : the Elvis Presley cookbook

From Jackie Cantwell
author: McKeon, Elizabeth, Ralph Gevirtz & Julie Bandy.
Fit for a king : the Elvis Presley cookbook
Recipes that were actually used at Graceland, by Elvis’ cooks or
relatives, or were popular during  that time period.  Many of the recipes
are surprisingly easy to make, and require readily accessed ingredients. I
tried the rum cake on p. 171 ; it won raves.  Includes reminiscences of
Elvis’s friends and fans. Features photos of Elvis from his childhood, his
Army days, publicity shots for movies, and with his fans and family. This
is true southern cooking, so count on generous portion sizes, rich tastes,
and high calories.  The recipe for Elvis’ favorite Peanut Butter and
Banana Sandwiches is here. The key is to mash very ripe bananas with the
peanut butter, before spreading on the bread and grilling. Buttermilk
finds its way into many recipes, as do pineapple and bacon.  Fantastic
recipes for Chocolate Zucchini Cake,  Cocoa Praline Cake, Scalloped
Eggplant, Chocolate Oatmeal Cake, Fudge Cookies, Sweet Chocolate Pie,
Mocha Pecan Bars, Peanut Butter Bread with Buttermilk, and Oatmeal Bread.
Warning about Spicy Lime Chicken on p. 135: Either boil the used marinade
or discard. Never top a cooked poultry dish with a marinade that came into
contact with the raw poultry; this could lead to food poisoning.