Primates of Park Avenue : a memoir

From Margaret Mezzacapo

Author: Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.

Title:   Primates of Park Avenue : a memoir

Would you be surprised to know that an anthropologist moved to a populated area, studied the natives, and found herself starting to blend in with them – and that this populated area is the Upper East Side of Manhattan? That’s exactly what happened to Wednesday Martin. She found herself in an area where you couldn’t swing a Birkin handbag without hitting a trophy wife – an unfriendly trophy wife, to boot. The “natives” were snooty, obsessed with their bodies and wardrobes and emotionally cruel to a newcomer. Author Martin unexpectedly finds her views becoming increasingly influenced by theirs, much to her astonishment. Yet, when Martin sustains a tragic loss, she finds the very same women rallying around her and providing a surprising – and welcome – amount of emotional support. Could it be that we are all really members of the same tribe – or will our social and financial differences always keep us apart? Decide for yourself when you read this interesting and often humorous true story.

Picking Up

From: Margaret Mezzacapo
Picking Up

Author: Robin Nagle
Having always had an interest in how things work, I had a feeling I’d like this one, and I was right. Ms. Nagle, an anthropologist, became a New York City sanitation person in order to immerse herself in the culture of garbage, which is a lot more entertaining than it sounds. She dwells a little lengthily on the history of trash, but still I was very entertained and learned a lot.