Garment of Shadows

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Laurie R. King
Garment of Shadows 
Garment of Shadows by Laurie R. King is the further adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his wife, Mary Russell. That’s right, the great misogynist is married, and has been for a while. The latest installment occurs in Morocco where Mary Russell awakes in a strange room with blood on her hands. She slowly awakes to the realization that she is suffering from amnesia. Her native instinct for survival, leads her to safety. She is reunited with her husband and slowly her memories fall into place. However, the danger is not past, the enemies must still be discovered. She and Sherlock must uncover the true mastermind who is plotting against the safety of the British Empire. A fast, entertaining read.

Before I Go to Sleep

From Caryn Eve Murray
author: Watson, S.J.
 Before I Go to Sleep
 This is a debut novel about memory loss that, perhaps ironically, turns out to be unforgettable. The protagonist, herself a debut novelist, suffers amnesia that permits her to remember her activities throughout the day but the slate is wiped clean each morning when she awakens. Her paranoia, both real and imagined, coupled with her very real sense of not knowing the details of her own life and loss set the stage for what is more psychological thriller than sentimental look at one woman’s lack of nostalgia. The true, violent circumstances of her lost memory are ultimately what redeem her, but not before the reader gets unsettled too, in some effective twists and turns.