The Demon in Me

FromĀ Andrea Kalinowski
author: Rowen, Michelle
The Demon in Me
Michelle Rowen has started a new series featuring Eden Riley and Darrak, a demon. Darrak was cursed by a witch and now must possess human bodies to maintain a presence. The series begins with The Demon in me followed by Something wicked. Eden Riley is a low-level psychic and is trying to assist the police in a serial murderer apprehension. When the apprehension goes wrong, the demon’s host body is killed, and Darrak, manifesting as smoke, invades Eden. They must learn how to share the body while attempting to break the curse of possession. Darrak, after living all these years among humans, has acquired some nasty habits, nasty habits to a demon whose main aim is evil. He cares about Eden. The books are suspenseful and intriguing in their description of the creation of Heaven and Hell and who has dominion where and why. A fast-paced read for anyone whose mind can stretch to believe in things seen and unseen. The next book is advertised as That old black magic with no street date as yet.

Death Cloud

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Lane, Andrew
Death Cloud
Sherlock Holmes is one of the best known fictional characters. In fact, he is so believable a character, he is still asked to consult on cases. Laurie R. King has set a series of novels around Sherlock in which his misogynistic ways seem to have fallen somewhat by the wayside because he has gotten married, but I digress. Andrew Lane, in a novel entitled Death Cloud, takes us back to the pre-fame days of Sherlock Holmes and introduces us to him as a boy on the cusp of manhood. His summer vacation has effectively been cancelled by his father’s redeployment to India to quell an uprising. Mycroft has been dispatched to share this news with Sherlock and to drop him at his aunt and uncle’s house for the summer. Mycroft has already started his position with Her Majesty’s government and so cannot watch over his brother. We watch as Sherlock is introduced to many of the habits which will be a mainstay in his later career. Sherlock uncovers a sinister plot involving the use of bees to undermine the British government. A good read and only the beginning. The series continues with Rebel Fire.