The loving story [videorecording DVD]

From Ellen Druda

Author: Nancy Buirski

Title: The loving story [videorecording DVD]

On the surface, The Loving Story is simply about Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple in the 1960’s, and their struggles in the Jim Crow South. Filmmaker Nancy Buirski has put together an amazing compilation of interviews and unearthed archival footage that brings us beyond the news coverage at the time of the Loving’s legal fight to be together wherever they chose to live, and into the personal revelations of the parties involved. We hear from their lawyers, both at the time of the Supreme Court ruling and now, looking back.  The Loving’s children, neighbors, friends, and extended family are also seen both then and now.  What emerges is the story of a couple, ordinary people just asking to live like ordinary people do. The civil rights struggle is the heart of the film, and although it focuses on the case of the Lovings in the 1960’s, the fight is still relevant today.

Dirty Red

From  Dawn  Moore
Title:  Dirty Red
Author:  Vickie Stringer
This is an urban fiction novel about a young ‘lady’ named Red who hustles her way through friends and men as part of her “hustle” She fakes pregnancies, double crosses..whatever it takes for the dollar. This genre is a guilty pleasure read that I was able to finish in a day on the beach. Twists and plots turns everywhere. Great fast read.

The warmth of other suns : the epic story of America’s great migration

From Ellen Druda
Author:  Isabel Wilkerson
The warmth of other suns : the epic story of America’s great migration 
The great migration by African Americans from the South to the North during the 20th century is told through the stories of three individuals who made the trip. We learn about the rough lives of Ida Mae Brandon Gladney, George Swanson Starling and Robert Joseph Pershing Foster in the Jim Crow south: the humiliation and fear, pitiful pay, and brutal working conditions that were regular parts of their daily existence. Separately they make the leap up North, and we follow their lives, for better or worse. Wilkerson interweaves the personal histories with the great history and brings the migration to life with facts, quotes, and an incredible amount of research.  Eye-opening, expansive, and moving, this book sheds brilliant light on an important part of the American story.

The Help

From Andrea Payne
author: Stockett, Kathryn
The Help
To me, this book was a page turner and fascinating.  It is not simply a book about a bunch of African-American domestics in the south during the
pre-Civil Rights era.  This book is also about the group of Southern society ladies for whom these women worked and how one woman who belonged to this elite group eventually had to choose between her society friends and formulating her own life based on her own ideals, especially with regards to Civil Rights.  Some parts of this book were funny and some were sad.  It was very profound and I thought an
excellent read for Ms. Stockett’s first novel.

The Other Wes Moore: One Name Two Fates

From Rita Gross
author: Moore, Wes
The Other Wes Moore: One Name Two Fates
The author was born in Baltimore, just blocks away from another young man with the same name.  They share many of the same experiences and life situations, growing up without fathers in a time of rampant drug violence.  The author became a Rhodes Scholar, served in the United States Armed Forces, was White House Fellow and today is a prominent businessman. The other Wes Moore is serving a life sentence for armed robbery and murder.
These men’s stories are told in parallel narratives, showing us step by step the paths their lives followed.  What were the defining moments that led to the divergence?  What were the choices that led to their ultimate fates?  Who in their lives influenced their behavior?  What role does one’s environment play?  This book describes the lives of a generation of young, urban Black teenagers and raises many questions about the choices we make early in life and their ultimate outcomes.