Listening to killers : lessons learned from my twenty years as a psychological expert witness in murder cases

From Andrea Kalinowski

Author: James Garbarino

Title: Listening to killers : lessons learned from my twenty years as a psychological expert witness in murder cases

Listening to killers: lessons learned from my 20 years as a psychological expert witness in murder cases by James Garbarino was vastly different from what I had anticipated when I placed the book on reserve. I was expecting a book with numerous case studies as well as a description of the author’s involvement as an expert witness. The book primarily focused on the trauma that the killers profiled suffered at the hands of their family and their community. James Garbarino examines the “war zone” mentality that some of the killers suffer under as a result of the community they live in, a community where violence and gang associations are generally a way of life. James Garbarino, in addition, discusses the fact that teenagers are quite often tried as adults and what disastrous results this decision has on the defendants. The author quite often succeeds in opening jurors’ eyes to what the defendant suffered as a young man, and I use young man because the majority of prison inmates are men. Through his advocacy, many defendants are given sentences of life instead of death. The author argues eloquently for a review of the sentencing procedures. He also urges prisons to offer counseling services and educational services so that young offenders might be successfully rehabilitated. This book was a little bit dry for the ordinary citizen but quite eye-opening for anyone interested in the Criminal Justice system.

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

From Elaine Conner
author: Ali, nujood
I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
This story is told in the voice of the heroine, Nujood, simply and clearly.  Nujood is a young girl from Yemen who is married off at the age of ten to a man three times her age,even though it is illegal to marry off a child before the age of 15. Despite the promise to abstain until she reached puberty, the husband continually raped and abused her before she reached puberty.   She does the unheard of in her society.She defies family, husband and culture  to  find her way to the court house to demand to see a judge  in order to seek  a divorce  from the cruel rape and beatings she was subjected to. She is fortunate to find compassionate judge and dedicated lawyer who champion her case andthe future for other young girls in Yemen and other places in the world where her story has made her an international hero.