The bloodletter’s daughter : a novel of old Bohemia

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Linda Lafferty
The bloodletter’s daughter : a novel of old Bohemia
Power, lust, obsession and madness – these are the forces which drive this tale of the beautiful bathmaid Marketa Pichlerova of Cesky Krumlov and the illegitimate son of the Hapsburg King Rudolf II, Don Julius. In 1605, the king banished Don Julius to remote Cesky Krumlov to calm the uproar caused by his depraved acts in Prague. While there he underwent the treatment of bloodletting to purge him of the vicious humors that possess him. When the prince met the bloodletter’s daughter, Marketa, he became dangerously obsessed with her. Marketa was also drawn to, and frightened by, this mad prince. Lafferty creates a tale that is powerful and haunting, innocent and brutal and completely captivating.