From  Alexus Haddad

Title:  Nightshade

 Author:  Andrea Cremer

Calla Tor is part of a pack called the Nightshades. The pack usually protects the Keepers and in return, the Keepers will accommodate the wolf packs. Shay is a new kid in town and Calla was told by the Keepers to protect Shay. Calla ends up finding the truth about the Keepers with the help of Shay. On the night of her wedding, Calla runs away with Shay and leaves Ren at the altar. Ren confronts Calla and Calla begs him to not tell anyone what she will do, which is go against the Keepers. Searchers are people that are trying to help Shay because he is the “prophecy”. The Searchers knock Calla and Shay out and the book ends there.

The Fault in our stars

From  Vendula Schonfeldova

Title:  The Fault in our stars  

Author:  John Green

Story about two young teenagers falling in love. They suffer from Cancer. The girl Hazel has lung cancer and can\’t breath on her own, her boyfriend lost his leg because of cancer. They share such a lovely passion about one book and taking a wonderful trip to Amsterdam to meet the writer of the book. They enjoy their time together until its time to say goodbye while the boy dies. He did not forget to write a letter to her how amazing she is. The end of the book ends with the final words of the letter and we don’t know if she is still alive or not.

If I stay

From  Vendula Schonfeldova

Title:  If I stay

Author:  Gayle Forman

Main character is Mia, ordinary girl from Oregon. She has a perfect life, amazing family of mother, father and younger brother, loving boyfriend and best friend and loves music, playing cello. Everything is perfect until a car accident where her family dies, expect her. She is kept between being alive and death. Its all up to her to decide if she wants to stay or join her family on the other side. She is being undecided until her boyfriend tells her how much he loves her and is willing to loose everything if she stays alive. She survives.

Vampire Academy

From  vendula schonfeldova

Title:  Vampire Academy 

Author:  Richelle Mead

Story is about two young best friends (a vampire princess and dampier who needs to protect the princess.) They are taken back to the university they run away from to be watched. Bad guys Strigois (bad vampires) want to kill the princess. The girls would not to be worried only because of strigois from outside of school, even from everyone at school. Suddenly weird things going on and princess is in danger. Everything end ups perfectly safe, girls are safe, in love and bad (one of the teachers) is killed because he wanted to destroy a princess. They successfully finishes their academic year and get ready for the other. Still need to watch each others back.