Breaking Night

From Hannah Columbo
author: Murray, Liz
Breaking Night
Liz Murray’s book is a tribute to the resiliency of human beings, as well as a very different kind of family story. A hungry but self-sufficient little
girl becomes a teen on the streets and finally a self-made woman. She saved herself after realizing that she was the one to help herself.
This is an inspirational story.

Living a Charmed Life

From Cindy Schwartz
author: Moran, Victoria
Living a Charmed Life
“Living a Charmed Life” is a wonderfully written inspirational book that women of all ages would enjoy reading.  It is the type of book that one could sit and read for an hour or two, or occasionally for a quick “pick me up”.  I was fortunate enough to actually meet and spend time with the author and Victoria is just as amazing and delightful as her book.  The short 50 chapters give one motivation to tackle life  “head on”.  I highly recommend this read- for an overall feeling of well being.

One Amazing Thing

From Maryann D’Aquila
author: Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
One Amazing Thing
When trapped in an office building because of an earthquake, the survivors deal with the gravity of their situation by telling a unforgettable experience from their life.  By exposing their vulnerability as humans, there are able to put aside their hostility toward each other and unite in the common experience of their humanity.

Alone, Orphaned on the Ocean

From Robin McCracken
author: Logan, Richard PhD, and Fassbender, Tere Duperrault
Alone, Orphaned on the Ocean
On a family vacation, her fathers biggest dream to share the open ocean with his wife and children, set out on a voyage of no return, except for Tere Jo Duperrault.   Tere Jo Duperrault Fassbender tells her amazing story of her survival of the 1961 sinking of the Bluebelle, a 60ft sailing yacht off the coast of the Bahamas.  What she witnesses, and remembers over the years, while stranded in the ocean for four days, will remain with her forever. Alone and orphaned all in one night. Her courage was amazing. A must read.

A New Earth

From Donna Southard
author: Tolle, Eckhart
A New Earth
I read this book because it was recommended as an Oprah must read book in her June edition of O magazine.  I read Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, last year and I found it be to very repetitive.  Tolle’s second book (this one) I found to be written the same way.  It is not exciting to read.  I felt that the message of the book could have been summarized in 5 pages.  I forced myself to finish it.  This was the only Oprah Club book that I read that I would not recommend for others to read.

The supernatural power of a transformed mind : access to a life of miracles

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Johnson, Bill
The supernatural power of a transformed mind : access to a life of miracles

If you are tired of reading and talking about a gospel of power, but not seeing it in action, this book is a must read. Miracles should be a normal part of Christianity. To return to the orginal mission, to do what Jesus did, we must radically change our thinking. We must renew our minds. Bill Johnson does a great job of showing us what happens when we allow God’s supernatural power to work through us, and also how we can bring this kingdom reality into our lives.