The Darkening Field

From Eileen Effrat

Author: William Ryan

Title: The Darkening Field

This is Ryan’s second Captain Alexi Korolev mystery. Sent from Moscow to Odessa, Korolev now investigates the murder of a dedicated party member filming a major Soviet movie. The woman is supposedly the lover of Yezhov, Stalin’s right-hand man.  Korolev finds himself once again treading lightly  in this extremely sensitive investigation.  As in his first novel, The Holy Thief,this is a good police procedural set in 1937 Moscow. If you enjoy Martin Cruz Smith’s Detective  Araday Renko  or Tom Rob Smith’s Detective Leo Demidov, Ryan’s Soviet based mystery series is for you.

Fatal enquiry

From Rosemarie Jerome

Author:  Will Thomas

Title:  Fatal enquiry

Private Agent Cyrus Barker is framed for murder and there is a reward for his capture.  With no funds, no solid leads in the case and everyone after him , he is forced to hide in the East End of Victorian London.  His assistant, Thomas Llewelyn,  must find the evidence to prove that Barker is innocent but the culprit is after him at every turn.  This sixth book in the series is a departure from the usual;  it is Llewelyn’s case with Barker lurking in the shadows.  I enjoyed the book but I missed the interaction between the two characters.  It did provide the reader with an opportunity to learn more about Barker\’s mysterious past.  Though the identity of the culprit is not a mystery, the chase, some surprises and the hunt for the truth creates a suspenseful adventure.  The cliffhangers hint at possibilities for their future exploits.

Gold Web

From  Francine Schwarz

Title:  Gold Web

 Author:  Vicki Delany

This book is one of s series of life during the gold rich near the US/Canadian border.  I really liked the way the author includes historical facts in her story.  I will be going back and re adding older books from this series.  I also plan on reading the historical books she used as reference.  A good read and I love that the main character is a female.

Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague

From Margaret Mezzacapo

Title:  Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague

Author:  Geraldine Brooks

Question: A novel about the Plague?  How interesting could THAT be?

Answer: Pretty darn interesting.

Yes, when the author says “Plague”, she means “the big one” – the Black Plague that decimated Europe and changed history back in the 1600s.  Anna Frith is a normal, average woman living contentedly with her husband and children.  When her husband dies in an accident, she takes in a boarder to help make ends meet – and that’s how the Plague comes to town. The village is decimated and whole families are lost, and Anna finds herself in the role of taking care of those who are sickened.  Along the way, her independence and her capabilities grow to levels she never would have thought possible before having been put to this unwelcome test.  An interesting read that also illustrates how disease has changed history.