From Wendi, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Shiga, Jason
The book “Meanwhile” by Jason Shiga was really fun to read.  It’s kind of like a comic book and a maze you follow.  You can read it over and over as you follow the different paths of the maze.  The book starts out in an ice cream shop and you decide if the boy should order vanilla or chocolate.  This is where the adventure begins.  It is very creative and interesting.  You unlock secrets with codes you find.  You can read this book over and over and never get bored.  Everyone should take this book out and enjoy it!

Brain Camp

From Carson, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Kim, Susan
Brain Camp
The book Brain Camp, by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan is a very interesting book. The main character, Lucas, is a long-haired boy who breaks  into cars and is a slacker. Jenna is a geek, and people consider her to be a freak because she acts very strange and weird. In Jenna’s family, all of  her relatives want to be doctors and lawyers and other jobs that require high levels of intelligence. Jenna doesn’t seem to want to be a doctor or  a  lawyer. Both Lucas’s parents and Jenna’s parents try sending them to summer camps that can get them smarter. However, in the past, both  of them were rejected by every summer program that their parents tried to get them into. This time, a tall stranger visits both Lucas’s and  Jenna’s parents and offers them the opportunity of having their children enroll in a special summer camp that can prepare children for the SATs and other exams. Both Lucas’s and Jenna’s parents decide to enroll them. But when Jenna and Lucas set foot  in Camp Fielding, they sense that  something is wrong with the campers. At first, most of the campers seem just like them. Then, the campers seem to change from deeply dumb to
surprisingly intelligent. They don’t notice how gross the food is anymore, and they have deep interests in highly advanced subjects. Also, Lucas  and Jenna notice lots of dead baby birds on the ground and feathers throughout the camp. They realize something isn’t right at Camp Fielding,  and they become determined to find out what it is.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery books, because this book makes you want to finish the whole book in one sitting, due to  the highly entertaining plot of the story. It makes you wonder if there actually are camps out there that can be so mysterious.

Zeus: King of the Gods

From Kyle, Teen Book Reviewer
author: O’Connor, George
Zeus: King of the Gods
I read the book Zeus: King Of The Gods by George O’ Connor. This book is a graphic novel and it started off talking about Gaea. Gaea is also known as Mother Earth and she is married to Ouranos. Then the titans came along, and two titans named Kronos and Rhea had many kids. Every time they had a kid, Kronos would eat them. But when they had Zeus, Rhea did not tell Kronos about Zeus and she tried her best to hide Zeus from Kronos.When Zeus got older, he realized that he was lucky that Kronos did not eat him. Later in the story, Mother Nature told Zeus that if he gave this herb plant to Kronos, Kronos would eat it and then Zeus’s brothers and sisters would be set free. When Zeus gave this to Kronos, Kronos ate the plant and then all of Zeus’s siblings come out of his stomach. But now Kronos was furious and he wanted to kill Zeus and his siblings. It is up to Zeus to stand up to his own father in a dangerous battle that could change the whole universe. I enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about Greek mythology.

A.D. : New Orleans After The Deluge

From Kyle, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Neufeld, Josh
A.D. : New Orleans After The Deluge
I read the graphic novel “A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge” by Josh Neufeld. This book describes how several residents of New Orleans meet each other through different ways. It also depicts their intense struggle for survival during and after the hurricane. Some people in this book refused to evacuate even when the Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans issued a mandatory evacuation. Many tragedies and triumphs took place during the survival days following Hurricane Katrina.

>From reading this graphic novel, I learned that over 700 people died in New Orleans alone, and the government did a poor job responding to this. There are pictures in this book that show people fighting traffic to leave the city. People who didn’t leave ended up stranded on rooftops. The author introduces the characters in this book a week before the storm, allowing the reader to get to know them somewhat before they’re all forced to deal with the upcoming crisis. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read a graphic novel that includes facts.

Twilight Zone: Walking Distance

From Carson, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Kneece, Mark
Twilight Zone: Walking Distance
The graphic novel The Twilight Zone: Walking Distance is about a man named Martin Sloan who wants to take a break from his busy schedule he has to deal with everyday. So he decides to drive further away from where he usually goes, somewhere up the road, looking for sanity. Then he sees Homewood up ahead. Martin grew up in Homewood and is surprised to see it coming up ahead in two miles. Thrilled with excitement, Martin drives up to Homewood and goes into an ice cream store.
Martin realizes once in the ice cream store how nothing has changed at all since he was a kid and used to go to the ice cream store. And when Martin orders three scoops of ice creams, the guy only says it will be a dime for the three scoops. This confuses Martin. Martin gets more confused. When he looks around his old neighborhood, he recalls how all the house look just as he had remembered them. Then Martin races to his old house. His own dad opens the door. Then the mom comes by the door. His parents don’t remember him.

I would recommend this book to people who like reading science fiction books and people who like books that you have to sit down and think about after reading.

SilverFin : the graphic novel

From Edward, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Higson, Charlie & Walker, Kev
SilverFin : the graphic novel
Silverfin is a graphic novel that explains James Bond’s origin and bits of his childhood. It starts off with teenage Bond going to Scotland to visit his uncle, a former spy. He and his new friend, Kelly go camping after exploring the town. On the trip they see a large castle called Hellebore’s castle, and begin discovering strange things about it. This is where Bond starts exploring and learning even stranger things. I recommend this book to about anybody who enjoys comic books or is interested in James Bond. The story is very interesting because of the twists and turns it makes and while the beginning wasn’t very exciting, the rest is. All together, Silverfin will make you ask for another story.

The Sandman : the dream hunters

From Teen Book Reviewer
author: Gaiman,  Neil
The Sandman : the dream hunters
This is a graphic novel that deals with a love affair between a Buddhist priest and a fox spirit.  After making a bet with a raccoon dog, the fox spirit falls in love with the priest, to the point that she gets to stay in the temple with the priest.  While this is happening, in another palace, a rich man begins to fear for his life, yet does not know why.  After consulting a few people to help him understand his fear, he learns that the priest’s body will remain sleeping until it dies, while his mind will be stuck in dream world.  The fox overhears of this by way of demons, and as she goes to fix it, but gets stuck in her own dream.  In order to help the fox, the priest seeks information on how to visit the Dream Master.  He explores the realm of dreams with help from a raven, until he finds the Dream Master.  Once he finds him, the priest learns of the fox’s entrapment, he begs to converse with the fox, and once doing so, he switches places with the fox, allowing the fox to escape.  The fox awakens, and the monk dies a few days later.  The fox seeks revenge in the form of ruining the rich man’s life, which she succeeds in doing.  The story has a nice ending as the narrator states that it is noted that people have seen the fox and priest walking through fields in their own dreams.
            This book was really captivating.  It kept me interested until the very end.  Anybody looking for an interesting read is going to love this book.  The illustrations also kept me asking for more, as they added to the beauty of the book.  I hope that you will read it after reading this review, and enjoy it as much as I did!