Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Terry DelBalso

Coming Out / Danielle Steel

This book is about the many relationships in our lives; both past and present that weave themselves into the person we are today and our current life. The main character Olympia is a successful working Mom that seems to juggle it all until a series of events unfold at the same time leaving her spread thin and trying to keep the family on its path. Though each relationship is taking a turn, it is the true bond of love within a family that brings everyone back to the one main road and to a place better than even planned. Though clearly light reading it hits home to many core feelings.
How many stars does the book deserve?
Farewell to Arms / Ernest Hemingway

There are moments when you want to go back in time and read a great novel; that is what lead me to this book. The story had an undertone of sadness to me. It seemed to be a soul venturing out to experience life and find a purpose and satisfaction to his existence; with the thought that would lead to happiness. The main character Lieutenant Henry is an American ambulance driver in World War I. He finds love and then enters a personal battle of love and loyalty.
How many stars does the book deserve?

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