Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

Rise and Shine / Anna Quinden

Bridget (a social worker), her sister Megan (a high profile morning show anchor), Evan (her successful businessman brother-in-law) and Leo (her college-age nephew) have their lives disrupted by a series of crises: job/status loss, divorce, pregnancy and a shooting. Ms. Quinden shows how each character evolves, copes, grows. Normalcy returns to their lives, but a new normalcy. A thoroughly engrossing novel.
How many stars does the book deserve?

A Single Stone / Marilyn Wallace

Years before, Linda had been acquitted of her daughter’s murder. The death of a second child and the abduction of a third throw Linda and her husband into the thick of the investigations: first as suspects and then as investigators. The chapters switch back and forth between the police investigation and the parents’ investigation. There are multiple red herrings. Definitely worth reading. How many stars does the book deserve?

The Night Fairy / Laura Amy Schlitz

Florie, a night fairy, loses her wings and is forced to navigate in an often dangerous and unfriendly world. This fairy story may be steeped in fantasy but it addresses the nature of character, adventure and challenge. Not just for children but for the child within each of us. The beautiful illustrations are an added bonus.
How many stars does the book deserve?
We’ll Meet Again / Mary Higgins Clark

Dr. Gary Lash’s wife, Molly, spent years in prison for his murder. Having had no recollection of the murder, Molly had been unable to provide her lawyer with a defense. Once she is released, Molly enlists the help of Fran, a former classmate and an investigative crime reportere, to help her uncover what happened. In true Higgins-Clark fashion, several seemingly unrelated deaths interrelate to shed light on Dr. Lash’s murder. As usual, Ms. Clark weaves a web of delightful suspense.
How many stars does the book deserve?


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