Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Donna Southard

Title/Author The Hidden Life of Trees/Peter Wohlleben

This book discusses new discoveries of how a tree grows and the functions of a forest. It is translated from German to English. Some of the chapters I found it interesting how the author compared trees and forests to humans and families. It made me think differently about trees and forests. Some of the chapters seemed redundant to me and some of the translations were not for American English. It you like science and nature, then you will enjoy reading this book. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆


Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Elizabeth Castellano


A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Tell us about your book (50-100 words, please)
Conor is a young boy who gets bullied at school by a group of boys his age. Conor’s single Mom is dying of cancer and he can’t handle all his emotions. He calls on a tree monster to help him cope with his mother’s illness and overcome the school issues. Great book. How many stars does the book deserve?