Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Claire Spencer

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane /Lisa See
Li-yan is a young gal living in the remote hills of China where everyone’s life revolves around the tea industry. Books covers the intricacies of that industry along with the ancient customs and culture of the Aka people. Li-yan is definitely bright and is chosen by her teacher to be educated far beyond what her contemporaries and uses that and her understanding of tea harvesting to make her way in the world outside her very remote village. Along side Li-yan’s story is that of Haley who is of Chinese descent adopted by an professional American couple. It would be a spoiler to say anymore.
How many stars does the book deserve?

Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

Title/Author Manhunting / Jennifer Crusie

A romance novel about a wealthy, successful business woman and her search for a wealthy, successful husband. Well written; beach-blanket reading. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆
Title/Author Smart Women / Judy Blume

Ms. Blume does a wonderful job of character development. The main characters, Margo, Cloe, and BB, are in their 40s and divorced. They are smart professional women, but not very smart about the choices they make in their personal lives. They continue to repeat their dysfunctional relational patterns with ex-husbands, lovers, and children. As one of the children noted, they “court disaster.” An engaging novel from beginning to end. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆☆