Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From janette lohan

L.A.Requiem/Roger Crais

Always thrilling the Detective Elvis Cole is. He’s witty, charming and the “World’s Greatest Detective”. His partner Pike is cool, handsome & a hero to all. He is accused of murder but someone out for revenge is doing the killing. At first they think it is a serial killer but the web is woven deeper & deeper till the truth comes out. Excellent and hard to put down. I can’t stop reading, yet when I get to the end, I want more.
How many stars does the book deserve?
Indigo Slam/Roger Crais

When 3 kids enter Elvis Cole’s office to hire him to find their dad never did he realize what a big job it would become. Mobsters out to kill the family and Feds who are also looking for their dad come from all angles. But Elvis Cole does not give up on these kids even though the middle child is somewhat a lot of trouble and his payment is in the – column.  How many stars does the book deserve?

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