Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Paulette Aspesi

Cross Kill by James Patterson

Gary Soneji has been dead for over 10 years but Cross & Sampson are attacked, Sampson is on the brink of death & Alex saw Soneji do it. It turns out that there is a group of Soneji lovers who wear masks that look like him & are committing the crimes. It ends with ” To be continued!”
Why take a Bookshot (a book intended to be read in one sitting) & then make it “To Be Continued“. This should have been its own book with the needed pages to do what needed to be done- the come-back of Gary Soneji, or in this case his admirers, deserved no less. Very disappointing. Would not have read it if I knew that it did not end with this book.
How many stars does the book deserve?
The Mating Season by Laurie Horowitz

Sophie Castle is on a mission to make a bird documentary. Her photographer is Rigg Greensman, a man who should have made it in the world of filming- but though his 3 friends did, make it in the entertainment field, his obnoxious personality prevented him from getting his due. He is paired with Sophie & at first they do not get along but end up together. A nice little romance novella that has great characters.
How many stars does the book deserve?
Killer Chef by James Patterosn & Jeffrey J, Keyes

Someone is poisoning upscale diners in NOLA. Caleb Rooney, a food truck cook in his own right, is assigned the job of finding who is doing it. Is it the former wife, Andrea, of one of the people killed.?I
Easy summer read. Loved the characters. Obviously there will be a sequel. Hope so.
How many stars does the book deserve?

Black & Blue by Jmaes Patterson & Candice Fox

Harriet Blue is a loner, but then she gets assigned to a case & is paired with Tate Barnes- another loner but ostracized by all the other police because he supposedly committed a brutal crime of killing a mother & her son when he was very little.
One theme centers a woman’s body being washed up on shore with Tate & Harriet being assigned to the case.
The second story involves a killer targeting female college students.
Did not like this story because as previously stated Bookshots should not end up in the air.
Great characters and plot which is shortchanged by the format.
How many stars does the book deserve?

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