Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Theresa Gustafson

The Heist/ Evanovich,J. & Goldberg, L
This was my free book when I join the reading club. I never read either of these authors before. Turns out it’s a new series for these authors as well. It’s about an FBI agent,Agent Kate O’Hare, who always gets the job done of chasing down the criminals. Of course, they’re always the most dangerous. She meets the most cunning con man,Nick. What happens after she arrests him and send him off to jail so she think. Nicks pulls off his greatest con. Good quick summer read! How many stars does the book deserve?

Murder on St. Mark’s Place/Victoria Thompson

This is the second book of the Gaslight Mystery Series. They takes place around the turn of the 1900’s. They are historically accurate about the different parts of New York City. The main character is a midwife who is a young widower,Sarah Brandt. She happens to meet a policeman who is investigating the murder of four young ‘charity girls.’ Sarah is asked to help by this cop,Frank Mallory. Ms Thompson makes it so interesting you think you’re right there walking in the streets of New York.
How many stars does the book deserve?

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